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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It all begins now...

Hey everybody!!!

Here I go ... With my very first post.

Before I start my yapping online too, let me just play a little and tick off all the inspirations that led to this blog..

I read once on a blog by my very talanted friend Yamini Murthy that new beginings take place all the time.

Then my younger brother Srinivas started a blog , and a great one at that.

A guy I thought was pathetic (no names here) started one too and got rave reviews.

So yours truly could not contain herself any longer..

So, what are we going to read here???

As the name suggests, READ SUVARNA!!!!

Anyhing you have ever heard from me, not heard from me, stuff I have written till date and stuff i haven't dared to pen down.. yet...

For the people who know me and have had (more than)enough of me, I sensed all those palms hitting foreheads.. :) Its not gonna help..

Jhelna toh padega hi..

Plz do comment on what you read..

I promise i'll keep u entertained...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Love me do!!!

Written quite some time back, this piece seemed like ust theright one to start with...

Plz be very generous with your comments...

Love, love me do.

You know I love you

I’ll always be true

So, please, love me too”


Nah! I’m not a die-hard Beatles fan, nor can I claim to be an admirer of their kind of music. Infact, the first time I heard them wasn’t more than a few months ago, and I still can’t name all four of them. IF they were four!I would, again, be wrong if I claimed that I fell in love with their songs the moment I heard them. As a matter of fact, their “please, love me too” had me retorting, “How desperate is that?”Before you jump to conclusions, let me tell you that this is not about the Beatles; this isn’t about their music or about my opinion of them. It’s all about the “Please, love me too”The thought lingers. Now I can’t really brush off the feelings these ‘oh! So honest’ words bring with them. Think of all those times these words could actually have been spoken and realize that they are perhaps the most difficult ones to say AND the most natural ones to think about.

‘Westlife’ aren’t one bit off-mark when they croon

“I’m too shy to ask

I’m too proud to loose

But sooner or later,

I’ve got to choose

And once again,

I’m thinking about

Taking the easy way out…

The number of times your heart screams out, only, your tongue refuses to surrender and words remain unuttered. It’s funny how less often we tell people around us the love we feel for them, fearing a lack of response. It’s perhaps the fear of indifference or maybe just the narrow range of relationships we perceive the term “I love you” as being applicable to.Then there are instances when this feeling of un-proclaimed love becomes so integral a part of the relationship; you hate to bring it out in the open. There’s this phone call. The voice at the other end says, “Love you!” and the spell is broken, the magic lost! That’s another chapter, of the same story though.

While my mind has been churning out these thoughts, the play list has moved forward and I can catch Paul (or is it George? Dunno which one of them) singing-

“I don’t care too much for money,Money can’t buy me love…”

Yet again, I can’t but smile at the brutal honesty of their words.I can visualize a certain female shaking her head and thinking, “Suvarna has gone crazy, she’s writing about LOVE??” and another male nodding in agreement, glad that I’ve come around to his school of thought. Period!

The Beatles continue-

“All these lonely people,Where do they come from?”

I think of a connection with the “Please, love me too” thing, or rather the lack of it.

What say?

P.S: If you are curious about a certain “someone” in my life after reading this, don’t bother! You are missing the whole point of it.

But anyways, “Please, love me too”
; )