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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It all begins now...

Hey everybody!!!

Here I go ... With my very first post.

Before I start my yapping online too, let me just play a little and tick off all the inspirations that led to this blog..

I read once on a blog by my very talanted friend Yamini Murthy that new beginings take place all the time.

Then my younger brother Srinivas started a blog , and a great one at that.

A guy I thought was pathetic (no names here) started one too and got rave reviews.

So yours truly could not contain herself any longer..

So, what are we going to read here???

As the name suggests, READ SUVARNA!!!!

Anyhing you have ever heard from me, not heard from me, stuff I have written till date and stuff i haven't dared to pen down.. yet...

For the people who know me and have had (more than)enough of me, I sensed all those palms hitting foreheads.. :) Its not gonna help..

Jhelna toh padega hi..

Plz do comment on what you read..

I promise i'll keep u entertained...


Ÿ∂ Μ Î ŋÎ said...

thanks for the mention.. :D

now since your blog has started officially... let the talent come in..
where are the posts???

rachit said...

nioe attempt :D