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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gift of...

Not the first time I'm making this one public. Been ages since I wrote it and most of you will probably be disappointed to not see something fresh. Anyway, I thought it was worth a repeat. I bare myself to judgement...

Give me not the gift of success
Top of the fleet, the world at my feet
For a nudge from fate and I’ll flounder
Despair, slip and sink to defeat…

Give me not the gift of fulfilment
To be content with ruling the skies
The heavens shrink, with every flap of wings
Insatiable desires, scouring my insides…

Give me not the gift of love
Rose tinted blooms and blue skies
The clouds give way to rays that burn,
Withering petals, the smoke that’ll rise…

Give me not the gift of faith
Letting people into my wrongs and rights
For deception to stab my turned back
Betrayed forever, into swirls of the night…

Give me…. The gift of life!
For beyond the walls of morbidity,
When my flesh’s burnt, all breath lost,
It’s all that’ll live, flourish, survive!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

" Drive the monster away.. torture him, push him out and you'll be a hero for the field of modified cotton that you own..."

"Oh yeah, soak, brush, scrub.."

"Cleanse the field of evil, drive out the impure from within"

"Scrub, rinse, clean... stop trying, will you. Washing clothes is NOT fun.. Whichever way you put it. Why was I not born in the stone ages, where clothes did not exist at all!"

All that from a bucketfull of clothes? talk about over reacting..

"You would say that too if you had a monster of a laundry basket spilling out clothes by the hour. I swear it makes dirty laundry appear out of nowhere."

Aaw!! Come off it, will you? Nobody wants to know the details of your "Dhobi adventures".

A laundry basket monster....

Seriously, go back to kindergarten. We cater to mature readers here.

Hey! I am talking stone age here. That's history. That's mature, serious, profound, stupendous, magnificent....

Will you just thrown out your cheap dictionary and get on with the story? I haven't got all day.

I'm serious girl, what did the stone age man do for stains? Spit on them?A single lonely unattractive stoneage man, with blood stains on his hideskin cloak? What chances did he have of hooking up with a volumptious, grimy, strong stonage woman? Zero! Null! Zilch!

He must have done SOMETHING? We are all here today, the stoneage man obviously found effective solutions to mating problems. What did he do?

Considering that he probably a bloodbath in pulling that skin off an animal, all he did for stains was,


Forget it! Its pseudo intellectuals like you who make history boring.Hey! Check out that cute guy there!

Oh great! Now we are interested in cute guys, are we? Whatever happened to macho-ism? Ms. Stoneage girl???

Oh pllheease! Cute guys are in. Brutes are not. What good is a guy if he can't be a gentleman. look at that tie. Sexy!! do i loooooove cute guys in formal wear or what?!!!

Cool.. so you were planning to be a stone age nun! THAT would make sense..


How else did you plan to survive stoneage, Ms. I love cute guys?


Well... sample this.. A brute who fights to settle all disputes, kills 200 kg bulls for dinner, kills all competion by driving a stone slab through his heart and can't abstain from sex to save his life. Thats your average stoneage man, the way nature intended him to be.

Come on... A man has GOT to be civilised. That's naturally expected of him.

Nature and civilization don't go together baby. The very objective of a civilisation is to defy nature. Followed by creating a hue and cry about preserving and replenishing nature. all crap, if u ask me.

Stop being such a pessimist. Change.. That is what is natural! Haven't you ever heard of evolution? Darwin Uncle, back in standard 3, remember?

That's a man made theory again. Proves nothing to me..

Civilization is good. Look at farming, cuisines, easy availability of food..

Increases the burden on nature. We were meant to hunt and eat, not grow food.

What about vegetarians?

Plain lazy I guess. Too lazy to get up and kill.

No wonder i'm such a lazy bum. Blame it on my ancestors. Anyways, society? That shows man's need to live in groups

We were meant to fight each other to death for our basic rights, not hold peace marches.


Ever heard of obesity? Lack of exercise? That’s natural to you?

Medical science?

At the risk of sounding brutal... increased life expectancy is the one of the major reason for population explosion.We are supposed to eat, sleep, mate, die... and not set records for longitivity.


Just an outlet for the suppressed male aggression. No wonder men love sports so much.

Fine! herez one you can't beat. Shopping..!!!!! New Clothes!!! That's absolutely divine happpiness.. No harm to nature in that.

He he he ehe... you are being forced to wash them... If that seems natural to you,it's your call.

Check and mate, baby!!!!

I should just have had a knife fight!! That would atleast have worked out in my favour...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Two minutes...

Two minutes of laughter
Happy as a sky lark
Two minutes of grief
Life's all grim and dark

Two minutes of freedom
None can keep you confined
Two minutes of enigma
To baffle a straight mind

Two minutes of solitude
To introspect your life
Two minutes of humility
To wipe out all strife

Two minutes of admiration
And the world's at your feet
Two minutes of silence
When your journey's complete..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So near, yet, so far away
Surreal jewels of night skies,
Flecks of flaming desire
Reflected in starry eyes.

A drop of lids to turn them in,
Probing and prodding the soul.
At rest with a content life,
“With myself, I feel whole”

Fraternal love skimming his mind
“Another life, no longer mine,
Shielded from it all this day,
My real self will triumph and shine!”

A loner ruling the barren moors,
Daring others! To be defied..
Mist mocking his potent stare,
Oh! the things it can hide.

The lonely beast head held high,
Drops a word on heaven’s track.
Are u there? Anybody?
Could u just… howl back?!