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Pune, India
I'm not here at all. Consumed by the demands of life, Lost in the swirls of doom. I am a shadow that had dissapeared. All that is left is an echo, not all can hear. Curiouser and Curiouser it gets!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So near, yet, so far away
Surreal jewels of night skies,
Flecks of flaming desire
Reflected in starry eyes.

A drop of lids to turn them in,
Probing and prodding the soul.
At rest with a content life,
“With myself, I feel whole”

Fraternal love skimming his mind
“Another life, no longer mine,
Shielded from it all this day,
My real self will triumph and shine!”

A loner ruling the barren moors,
Daring others! To be defied..
Mist mocking his potent stare,
Oh! the things it can hide.

The lonely beast head held high,
Drops a word on heaven’s track.
Are u there? Anybody?
Could u just… howl back?!