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Monday, September 14, 2009

Two minutes...

Two minutes of laughter
Happy as a sky lark
Two minutes of grief
Life's all grim and dark

Two minutes of freedom
None can keep you confined
Two minutes of enigma
To baffle a straight mind

Two minutes of solitude
To introspect your life
Two minutes of humility
To wipe out all strife

Two minutes of admiration
And the world's at your feet
Two minutes of silence
When your journey's complete..


Devilsveryown said...

one minute manager --KB
two minutes by--- Hyuverna

amazin piece yaar...actually very thoughtfull..
these two minutes are required to keep life on trrack... and many of us either donn find them or take more time..

vinit said...

Two minutes of pure nature
for peace of mind
Two minutes of anger
to make peace feel resigned

Suvarna said...

thankz Mr devil....
hyuverna sound cool!!

@ vinit
thanks a ton brother..
he he ehe h
i know who helped u with those lines...

Yamini said...

i have rad this one before.... .it is amaizng :) keep posting :)

Karan said...

Very well written ~

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prateek said...

'Two minutes'
8 times ------> 16 minutes of
synopsis of a life to live upon...
Of understanding the nuances,subtle expressions of life...

Gud going Suvarna..