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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gift of...

Not the first time I'm making this one public. Been ages since I wrote it and most of you will probably be disappointed to not see something fresh. Anyway, I thought it was worth a repeat. I bare myself to judgement...

Give me not the gift of success
Top of the fleet, the world at my feet
For a nudge from fate and I’ll flounder
Despair, slip and sink to defeat…

Give me not the gift of fulfilment
To be content with ruling the skies
The heavens shrink, with every flap of wings
Insatiable desires, scouring my insides…

Give me not the gift of love
Rose tinted blooms and blue skies
The clouds give way to rays that burn,
Withering petals, the smoke that’ll rise…

Give me not the gift of faith
Letting people into my wrongs and rights
For deception to stab my turned back
Betrayed forever, into swirls of the night…

Give me…. The gift of life!
For beyond the walls of morbidity,
When my flesh’s burnt, all breath lost,
It’s all that’ll live, flourish, survive!!!