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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maul the malls

City : Jaipur
Location : Office
Day : Friday
Time : 4:30 pm

Characters : Summer Intern (Suvarna) and Process Associate( a local guy from jaipur, lets call him Saurabh)

Suvarna: The weekend finally! Saurabh, are there any good places to see in Jaipur?
Saurabh : Sure there are! Catch a bus to 22 Godaam. go to crystal palace. Best way to spend teh weekend in Jaipur.
Suvarna: Crystal palace.. sounds good. who built it?
Saurabh : I've no idea.
Suvarna : What kind a place is it? Can I explore it on my own? Or will I need a guide? Is it near Hawa Mahal or the City Palace or Jantar Mantar?
Saurabh: No!!! Its a mall. Lifestyle, CCD, Inox, Mc Donald's sab milega.. Poora dinn nikal jaataa hai
Suvarna : !&&*#$???

What time are we living in? In city like Jaipur known for its heritage sites, visitors are packed off to malls. Welcome to generation Z, a whole bunch of kids who have grown up too fast, earn way too much than they need, do the work the do not love, to earn money and buy stuff they do not need. My MBA in marketing suddenly makes me feel like spiderman. I gives me the power to sell, to commercialise life itself at the risk of corroding society as we know it.

With great power comes great responsibility. And I thought it would be fun to be spidey!!!


Suvarna said...

woah!! I can blog frm work!!! ;)

Venky said...

haa haa:) interesting..yeah..i ve seen this in my place also..the happening place in city is always the mall..keep writing more..

Devilsveryown said...

hmmmm.... i think there is more to this.. plls in this gen z think of malls as places of importane.. thanks to amrketing ppl.... good food,good clothes.. fully AC place..makes it so...

no fault of gen z .. its the world they live in..

im sure gen x would have been goin to chandni chowkk (a market place in delhi) for all these things only barring the AC