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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We all have fantasies as kids. Not big dreams that one follows all her life. I'm talking about those small, little things that most of us grow out of, or forget or replace with more practical and often mundane things in life...

When I was a kid I always wished to ride a dog.
That was till I was told that at my age, Horses and Men were the only things worth riding ;)
Rode a Yak at 13 though :P

I remember the days when I would be up by 6 in the morning, tuning my tambora for riyaz
Now I am bleary eyed at 8, barely make to the class by 9
Besides, my friends throw things at me when I sing.

I used to think that holding hands and feeling the togetherness is what keeps a relationship going
That was before speed dial #2 on my cell became THE companion for two full years
Now we have all our major conversations on the phone, after we have met for the day  :P

When internet connectivity from home was a novelty,
I would stay awake the whole night, chatting up strangers
Now I avoid talking to half the people I meet in a day

My brother and I were mates for life, I thought
Now we meet once a year, for a week, tops
We can still chat the night away (except that he hates cell phones :P)

There were friends who I thought would be the desi versions of my bridesmaids some day
When we cross paths now, I look the other way
From some, I still receive wedding invitations and baby pictures in the mail :)
(super cute baby pictures, I might add)

I would look out the window, see a stranger and wonder how his life was connected to mine
well, I still do that sometimes,
I guess some things never change.....

And thank god for that :) :) :)


Anirudh said...

To the point!

Dheeraj said...

Yeh to bada philosophical ho gaya! BTW nice observations

Suvarna said...

philosphy ka hi sahaara hai thakur sahab..

thnkz.. :)

Karan said...

Very well shared . Nice read . True and never ending.....

Yamini said...

Wow...i could relate to everything you wrote.
Awesome.. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, suvarna :)