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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Human, are you?!

There are tones of instances in my life when people have pointed it out to me that I am not human.
I have, every single of those times, taken pride in the fact that I indeed am not. Lately I have been alone a lot and have had an opportunity to not interact with people. I never thought I would say this, but I have started cherishing my time away from humans. There are times I go out of my way to avoid human contact...

I stay in a place full of mature, professional individuals..


 Never does a day go by when these humans are not poking their noses into others business..
Most of them never shy away from saying hurtful things to others just to show who has the upper hand
Almost everyday, complex plans are drawn up to manipulate a fellow human for personal gain

And, every single one of them is proud of the steps they take everyday to make their lives easy and be called successful humans...

Boy! Am I glad I am not human!!!

P.S : This is one of the rare times that I'm posting unedited stuff on the blog. I hope that doesn't really show :)


Rashmi Sonare said...

The story of Indian workforce. I think you should update this one :)

Suvarna said...

@Rashmi, This was from before joining the workforce.. A premonition maybe?