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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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This post is a response to An Obscure optimist's post here. http://expressmyway.blogspot.dk/2013/04/hell-hiker-16.html Thanks Yamini Ma'am.. I had fun doing this :)

The task that she has set is simple. You go to http://www.poetryinternationalweb.net/pi/site/poem/item/19823 and choose a poem in a language you do not understand. Edit the poem by moving around the words, using just the sound of the words to create something that makes poetic sense to you. Resist the urge to know what the words really mean. Now run your version of the poem through a translator.. Lo and behold!!! You are in mumbo jumboo poetry land!!

I chose this Norwegian poem SYRIN (click on title to go to original poem), just because I saw the word Kafka in it. Moved the words around to make this:

Franz Kafka, Wien 1924
Kafka at Etter
opp hadde rettet 

Sultekunstner En før Dora for ut men
etter for å lete Ville hun han at blomstene

Lukten av skulle kjenne skriblet var det at han
før det ble for seint,på en lapp at han

Kjenne lyst på vann, vanvittig hadde fått sånn, 
strømme forbi det oppspiste,gigantiske munner vann

Strupehodet, vel vitende om at døende ikke 
vann drikker, blomster men at bare enkelte 

Drikker idet ,å snakke om syrinene for ikke ,
de dør, som fortsetter også etterpå å drikke!

This is what the translation looks like...

Franz Kafka, Vienna 1924

After that Kafka,

up had directed.

Hunger Artist A before Dora but for the,

for to look Would she he the flowers.

The smell of scribbled would know it was that he,

before it was too late, in a note that he.

Knowing fancy water, insane had been like that,

flow past it-eaten, giant mouths water.

Larynx, knowing that dying is not,

drinking water, flowers but that only certain.

Drink as, to talk about lilacs not,the door, 

which will continue thereafter to drink!

Foolishly enough, I expected it to make more sense, or have a better rhythm...

Try it! Its fun. Would love to see your attempts in the comments :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Insulting you, you scum!

I do not possess any rights on the image.Taken from : 

I know, every opinion matters
But, does it? Does it really?
Talking, discussion, arguments, debates
You  take that shit seriously?

There must be a cheat code somewhere?
One that annihilates anybody who defies me
Off with his head, disappear with a poof!
To anyone who dares say “I disagree!”

Instead, I must unearth a string of thought
Damn, civil society, I must prove my worth
Measure and analyze my every word
Consistent with all logic on face of this earth

Or, maybe, denial is the key, the way to be!
Surely I know better than you, Mr. Gyaani
I have seen and lived in the real world, Sir, that,
counts for much more than your fancy degree!

My thoughts are playing a symphony of their own
While yours are beating their own lousy drum.
I smile vaguely, nod my head , look like I care,
In my mind, remember, I am insulting you, you scum!

- Suvarna