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Friday, May 10, 2013

Insulting you, you scum!

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I know, every opinion matters
But, does it? Does it really?
Talking, discussion, arguments, debates
You  take that shit seriously?

There must be a cheat code somewhere?
One that annihilates anybody who defies me
Off with his head, disappear with a poof!
To anyone who dares say “I disagree!”

Instead, I must unearth a string of thought
Damn, civil society, I must prove my worth
Measure and analyze my every word
Consistent with all logic on face of this earth

Or, maybe, denial is the key, the way to be!
Surely I know better than you, Mr. Gyaani
I have seen and lived in the real world, Sir, that,
counts for much more than your fancy degree!

My thoughts are playing a symphony of their own
While yours are beating their own lousy drum.
I smile vaguely, nod my head , look like I care,
In my mind, remember, I am insulting you, you scum!

- Suvarna


Indira Kasibhatla said...

good write up,don't you think we all live in a false world,trying to live up to others expectations.letting few not so important individuals judge us in the manner that suits them.think

Suvarna said...

Thanks akka.. I Agree, we open up for judgement too much. Unfortunately, all of us also believe that we have a right to judge others..